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Customer Success Story

How K&E Advanced Dentistry Gained The Trust Of Patients!

The Problem

K&E Advanced Dentistry serves the needs of patients throughout the south-western part of the state by operating offices in Franklin and Centerville. Their team is dedicated to offer the treatment in a more transparent way and make sure to satisfy the patient’s needs according to their goals, work, lifestyle and budget. They work hard to powerfully assist their patients at all times and they were not able to focus efficiently on how to get these happy patients to leave raving reviews about them and the practice in the online platform such as Google and Facebook. This is where K&E started taking the online reviews seriously where they identified they had very few reviews as most of their happy clients were not directed at, the moment they are happy about their service to leave a review. Power of the moment was lost – Social proof was lost.

The Solution

To tackle the situation K&E started to use the ‘Grow My Reviews’ tool. To make it more efficient they created profiles for each Doctor and front end staff. A policy was set in place to send an invite to review them to happy patients every day. The commitment they took to spare a few seconds to send out an invite to make a review really made a change in seeing things and reading customer feedbacks for all their hard work. Soon their review ratings started to grow and the online reputation which was at stake became the strong viral marketing tool! They started to use these reviews as social proof all over the website to gain the trust of their new potential patients.

The Results

Within a year the results that K&E Advanced dentistry gained through GMR directly are astounding as the numbers above show! And what is even more amazing is this does not include how many people have been influenced by these reviews or how much of revenue has been generated through these influencer feedbacks.