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The place for online reviews in digital marketing

Presently, there are a variety of online platforms where your clients can share their experience at your practice or business with the whole world in just a few clicks. Reviews are not just restricted to e-commerce sites; they are now found all over the internet with several sites dedicated purely to customer reviews as well. All those sources provide a means for customers to give their opinions about a product or service, be it a positive experience or a negative one. These reviews, positive as well as negative, can be of great use to you as it can attract new leads, boost revenue, and help in creating more long-term business.

Countless different studies have shown the value of client reviews for a business. Just a handful of statistics from these studies can give business owners much to think about. One such being that 63% of clients are more likely to opt for a site which has user reviews. However, just having a few reviews about your practice or business is not enough; the quantity of reviews plays a role as well.

While the benefits of a positive review are clearly evident, even negative reviews can be beneficial in their own way. A website which has a balance of reviews tends to make people trust a site more. The statistics from yet another study confirms this, stating that the consumer trust of a website is boosted by nearly 68% with the presence of negative reviews, and consumers who read negative reviews have a 67% higher conversion.

Today many individuals are distrustful of conventional forms of advertising. This makes online reviews even more important as a form of digital marketing. A report done from Lancaster University has found that 95% of participating individuals stated that they do not have any trust in conventional methods of advertising. In addition to this, more than 90% of people do not trust what a business says about themselves on their website.

As a result, many people are more likely to trust strangers who leave reviews than they are to trust businesses. In fact, 88% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would a recommendation from family and friends. In addition to this, 72% of clients are only likely to take action after reading a positive review. As such, online reviews can be an effective tool to market your practice or business online.

Your online reviews are also helpful for search engine optimization for your website. Search engines normally place reviews at the top of the search results page and the ranking of your website in search results depends on its reviews, among other factors. When potential clients see that your website has a good mix of reviews, it is likely to bring them in.