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Why online reviews are the best thing for professionals?

Online reviews are of great importance for businesses of any size nowadays. The widespread use of search engines and review websites among other resources can greatly impact how your practice is perceived by your clients. Statistics show that 90% of overall consumers read online reviews prior to visiting a business. Furthermore, 88% of consumers also trust an online review as much as a recommendation from family and friends. For your practice to appear prominently during online searches, it is important to employ good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. One of the biggest contributing factors to SEO is online reviews. This is because the reviews your clients leave about your practice determine how it will rank on a search page. For instance, a search engine such as Google will gather reviews of clients from different websites and use it to determine the best ranking for a website. When a potential client searches for your practice or business, the reviews will normally be shown at the top of the results page. When considering online reviews, there are benefits and drawbacks. These benefits and drawbacks are even more evident for small practices and businesses looking to build a strong reputation. Receiving a positive review will improve your business’ rating on search result pages. This will greatly increase your chances of attracting new clients, improve your online reputation, and increase revenue, among others. Statistics show the following:  72% of people have stated that positive reviews about a local business will make them trust it more.  92% of people will use a local business if their overall rating is at least 4 stars.  72% of potential clients will only act after reading a positive review of your practice or business. Today, the use of smartphones is widespread, and it has made it considerably easier for clients to conduct their own research about a practice or business before deciding on one. As indicated by the statistics mentioned previously, most people trust an online review similar to a personal recommendation from family and friends. Your potential clients look to your reviews to gain a better idea of what standard of service they can expect from your practice or business. Therefore, the more positive reviews there are, the more trust will be placed in your brand and the better your reputation will be. Even negative reviews give you an opportunity to improve your reputation. When you receive a negative review, make sure that you respond to it. Admit that a mistake has happened and that you are willing to take reconciliatory action. Furthermore, responding to negative reviews as a person and not as a company will further convey the fact that you care about your clients and want them to have the best experience. When people go through such responses on review websites, they know that your practice or business is committed to a high standard of service.