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Things your digital marketing company should do for you

Search Engine Optimization

“Google it” is the term that will come out whenever some one struggles to find any sort of information, whether it is to find the gravity equation or nearby grocery store, Google knows it all! Nearly 3.5Billion searches made every day. May be this time when you are reading this, someone might be searching for your service near you in Google. It is important or must that you should list your business in Google to take advantage over SEO, then the amount of content you publish and how much reach you get in internet space will determine the rank on specific keywords.

Social media channels

Another massive transformation that internet did was the social media, presently 3.39 Billion people are actively using social media and each person spending 116 minutes on average a day. This tells you that your potential customer is waiting for you to tell something in social media each day. All you have to have a business page and regularly update content that interest your consumer.

Ad Campaigns

All the social media and search engines operate because of Ads! They want you to run ads and you should know how to utilize it without bursting your cash. We will be covering how you can use each platform to gain maximum results on our next article where we will show which content to be promoted at what type of platform. The Ad words on Google is bit tricky and will show your business on specific key words that your customer searches for your business. It is advisable that you have a specialized person/agency on digital marketing to look after this.

Reputation management

This is often overlooked area in digital marketing arena where your online reputation takes into account and often this can either kill you or sell you. Your rating and reviews in various platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp takes the major part on your reputation Non like other businesses, Professionals need to take this seriously as this will be there unique selling proposition

Affiliate Marketing

This is a tactic where you can use a popular website, blogger or vlogger to promote your business. These websites have higher rank in Google and attract millions of people each month. For example Millions of people visit webMd to check about many of their health issues daily.. if an advertisement pops out about your practice that treats particular disease could be the perfect time to market your practice and help to gain more patients. You also have to only pay if that prospect clicks you advertisement (PPC), This way both parties get benefitted and would be easy to track the performance of the advertisement.

Viral Marketing

It is another type of marketing which would boost your practice or you in a real quick time. It’s another way of using the power of social media to make any of your talent to go viral. The best example would be the “singing dentist” if you just Google this term you would see Dr Milad Shadrooh singing many of famous songs as a parody to dentistry. Simply making a video with him also could get you famous within a day or two. When you get more eyes on you , you will see your practice getting bigger day by day. So, above are the few techniques as a professional you can use in order to improve your practice in this digital arena and make sure that your digital marketing company is carrying out this activities for you if you have outsourced your digital marketing efforts.