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So many online reviews, so little time: Tips to identify the highest-value sites

Building up your online presence? Your partners in reputation management at are here to make the process of collecting and managing legitimate reviews from satisfied patients and clients easy. As specialists in soliciting and tracking positive feedback, GMR also understands not all online review sites are created equal. What’s best for your business or practice may not be best for your friend’s business, or even another firm that shares your market.   That’s because site effectiveness depends on factors like:
  • Industry
  • Goals
  • Geographic location
  As you survey the online review landscape, GMR encourages you to ask a few questions about each site:
  • What are your goals? If a local SEO boost is what you seek, build an online presence on popular consumer platforms like Facebook. If credibility is a concern, consider industry-specific sites like Healthgrades.
  • Where are your patients or customers? Since people don’t trust what they don’t know, go where the consumers are. In most cases those online destinations are Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • How did your existing clients and patients find you? If you don’t know, it’s a vital question to ask. Take the guesswork out of the search by going straight to the source. The answers may surprise you.
  • What do the numbers say? Your customers always provide invaluable feedback, but you’ll also want a subjective overview of your top referring sites. This is where analytics comes into play. Your partners at GMR can explain more about long-term referral traffic and trends. We won’t waste your time and energies on lower-performing sites!
  • How does it provide more value? It’s not enough to identify a big traffic-driver. For sustainable growth, savvy business owners appreciate platforms that offer features like the actions visitors took on listings, or if they interacted with images.
  You’re already off to a great start by visiting this blog! For more information on how to increase and easily manage favorable, credible reviews, call 312-239-0638.