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Why having some bad reviews is good

The good, the bad, and the real

People understand the influence of consumer reviews, in concept. Most have used online reviews to make better-informed purchase decisions. Yet when the GrowMyReviews team presents this powerful potential to clients, we hear a common pushback – “What if I get a bad review?” No one likes criticism, and this is a reasonable concern, considering online opinions travel at the speed of a byte. Let’s look at why having some bad reviews for your medical practice, law firm, or business is a good thing.

With an open mind

No business operation is faultless. That is the most important takeaway from a bad review. Take a deep breath, pour a cup of coffee, and relax. Now, read it again. Try to look past unfair or unfounded censure, and view the input from a broad perspective. What could you have done differently, if not to please this individual, perhaps to have avoided taking him or her on as a client? Every negative comment is a rare opportunity to improve the organization, for those who can set ego aside for a moment.

Show off your people skills

It is human nature – we love the excitement and drama of a conflict. Positive reviews are intensely persuasive, but negative ones get read from start to final comment. Don’t waste that chance to show how professionally and compassionately you handle problems. It gives existing clients and prospects a “warm and fuzzy.” They see that if they ever have an issue, you will deal with it in an honorable fashion.

Keep it real

No one – not the brightest kid in class, the most talented girl in the pageant, the best parent at the PTA meeting, or the highest-paid boss in the corporation – is perfect all the time. You, no doubt, do an excellent job. Yet at some time, someone isn’t 100 percent satisfied with what you provide. The temptation to get bad reviews off your profile as quickly as possible is a strong one. Resist it. A long list of completely glowing reviews lacks realism and credibility. A few interspersed lesser comments show your organization’s transparency. They build consumer confidence in the good reviews. The best way to avoid bad reviews is to run a clean shop. Treat your patients or customers ethically, with fairness, kindness, and good humor. Deliver on your promises. Provide value. When you goof, admit it, apologize, and do what you can to make it right. You will still get a negative review occasionally. Loyal clients will be quick to come to your defense, and prospects will view it accurately when it is outweighed by positive comments. makes it easy to get consumer reviews, promoting your business and developing your online presence. Call us today at 312-239 0638 for more information.